Linkpage, etc and fun additional info like did you know about this swedish word all adult americans use every day?

Latest news in this area close Nyköping, spring 2003: The All Saints church, go inside and see the beautiful coat of arms.
Midsummer 2003: Torp manor, with our newest panorama-technology! See Torp manor yesterday, today and how it would had looked, see the Husby-Oppunda church with many beautiful coat of arms, see a huge gravemound, a stronghold etcetera.
Winter 2004: “Metalltryckaren”, or “Tenngjuteriet”, or the “Tin Work”, go inside and see the old workshop. Please note, the link are only accessible from here, not from the map above.
Winter 2009: Church of Lid with ceiling paintings by Sweden's Leonardo da Vinci: Albertus Pictor. This year, 2009, it was 500 years he died and Illustrata celebrate him with new fullframe flashpanoramas of his first ceiling paintings in his career inside the medieval church of Lid.
Summer 2009: Brunnsta farm, from 18th century a country farm for the bourgeoisie, only accessible from here, not from the map above.

Dear viewer, most of the material in this area of Nyköping is the oldest and first I did, sometimes, in a technical way of speaking it is rather out of date. However instead of removing it entirely I decided to let it stay untouched, though it's a little unfashioned it still holds many fun things. To remake it is an option of years of work and that I don't want to spend on this but on other exciting stuff around Sweden. So please bear this in mind, time goes, and on internet time goes even faster.

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