Ystad, panorama över S:ta Maria kyrka. Kyrkan är byggd på 1200-talet vilket gör den till Ystads äldsta bevarade byggnad. 1880 togs många pråliga utsmyckningar bort men under restaureringsarbete 40 år senare sattes några av de intressantaste tillbaka.

Ystad: The St Maria kyrka is a handsome centrepiece, with additions from nearly every century since it was begun in the 13th century, that makes it to Ystad’s oldest building. In the 1880s, changing tastes saw many of the rich decorative features removed, and only the most interesting ones were returned during a restoration programme forty years later. Inside, the early seventeenth-century Baroque pulpit is worth a look for the fearsome face carved beneath it and, opposite, the somewhat chilling medieval crucifix, which was placed here on the orders of Karl XII to remind the preacher of Christ's suffering.

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